8 Things on Fashion Blogger Desk

By Instagram you mercilessly take a look at other people's lives, and that's wonderful. I can spend hours by the most beautiful and inspirational profiles full 4 × 4 scroll through photos. Looking at Instagram I noticed that there is a small red thread ran through every blogger profile, looking at the things they use every day. In other words, the things that she has on her desk called the desk chlichés. Are you guilty?

1. Fashion Books.

A few big beautiful hardcover books for inspiration and motivation. Casually placed on the desk, but arranged so that it is immediately clear that there is never sneak into scrolled.

2. Coffee cups

Coffee is the engine of every writer, blogger or other creative person. A favorite, stylish coffee cup belongs naturally with that. And one of the day before, because a cup of coffee a day is not enough.

3. Apple for life

A big iMac or a MacBook Pro just modest supposed to be on the desk of every fashion blogger. And as a big clock screensaver, of course. Hipper-the-hip.

4. Flower Power

A bunch of fresh flowers, preferably in the color pink peonies in a golden vase on the right side of the computer. Flowers would then give real power to go all day?!

5. Flawless agenda

An agenda, alongside the fashion books, or casually lying on the desk. For course everybody nowadays writes with a pen his tasks for the day, right? (Okay, most of us are simply succumbed to the beautiful cover and not be dragged away from their iPhone calendar).

6. Diptyque candles.

Pinterest is full of these greedy making candles, and also on Instagram nobody seems to find a simple candle too expensive. And so this is definitely an item that is on to find each blogger desk. Or at least something that comes close.

7. Sheep Vakhtye

A warm sheepskin on the not so nice wooden chair that looks so beautiful but constant pede backache worried. Oh well, it also count, non?

8. Motivating quotes

A framed map with a motivational quote, or an entire wall with a variety of pictures, quotes and phrases. Oh, and do not forget the letter banner ... Oops, this chliché so I make me really, really guilty. Damn you, Pinterest.

The flip side to the story is again that you come into contact with Instagram cultures, habits and styles that you would never see otherwise. And be inspired is never wrong, if you ask me. But I'm curious how many points you'd been the blush of shame. I say nothing.


Finding your own unique, personal style is a long road to be traveled. It does not happen just after a good night sleep and dream about beautiful clothes, but is an adventure that takes several years.

I have lots of different phases had in my twenty-something years, where I always was totally convinced that I had found my style. So I was the tough girl with baggy pants, sneakers and a backpack on, the girl-girl with red dresses, heels, coats of mascara and even extensions in my hair, and I was super sporty girl who every day with a bag full dance-wear went in sweatpants street.

 And now, a couple of years on, the time comes that I carefully dare say that I have found my own taste indeed. It took a lot of embarrassing moments, but my personality is best reflected in the most basic, minimalist outfits without too much fuss, but always with a little twist. Clothing is a way to express yourself, every day. But how can you find your own personal style?

1. Find inspiration

If you have no idea what to put on, and you are clueless every day for your closet, it's a good idea to look for inspiration. Scour the Internet in search of styles that you like, images that immediately bring to mind you and outfits which you see yourself walk straight. Then dive into your wardrobe and combine it!

2. Do not be afraid to experiment

Without trying things out, you never know what you like and do not like, and especially what is and is not beautiful at you. Try all sorts of looks, play with colors and layers, and also just go to the streets. It might be a crazy feeling, but as quickly know what outfits you and you do not feel comfortable. And amal corpse, what clothes best suits your personality.

3. Does your signature piece

Search for a particular item, such as a leather jacket or a good bag that falls anywhere to combine and completely 100% a reflection of you. This way you give every outfit your own twist and create a more personal look soon.

4. Bootylicious

Know what shapes and styles of clothing does not fit well with your body and buy clothes in the right size. Too small clothes let you look bigger than you are, and loose clothing can make you disappear. Due to stand facing the mirror and see exactly what feateres you like about yourself and who you want to show to everyone, you can much more easily put together an outfit and much easier to make choices during a shopping spree. And by knowing what is good for you, you walk further zefverzekerder is about!

5. Fashion is a party

Fashion is and remains a party, without rules and with a lot of freedom. Do not be embarrassed to try new things, playing with trends and occasionally step out of your comfort zone. Because that way you discover new silhouettes and colors that you had no knowledge that they would be you. By listening to yourself and your creative self no rules to impose, you can show every day how you feel through your clothes. Because if you're not an artist or artist who expresses his feelings through you sensible indulgence or a new tune, it must be through clothing!
Nope, I'm not a style guru, not Anna Wintour and certainly no Kate Moss, but I hope to give you a little inspiration to dress for yourself. Because no matter how nice trends are, and how much you want everyone applauds your clothing choices, am at the end of the day you are the one who needs the street there. Thus. Grandma has spoken.




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